Follow-up Information from the Atlanta HARP Event….

Over 34,000 Atlanta area homeowners are eligible to save an average of $163 a month and we need your assistance in reaching them.  The toolkit provided during the event has some information in it that we hope will make it easier to get the word out.  Included in it are a Fact Sheet with Atlanta-specific data and a sample newsletter that you can use to reach out directly to homeowners.  Finally, the interactive HARP online map gives you the number of HARP eligibles by zip code to better target your efforts.  The links to the map and the electronic toolkit are below. 

 Link to HARP Online Map

 Link to Electronic Toolkit  (scroll to the middle of the page)

 We recognize that you are the trusted sources and have credibility among homeowners within your communities.  FHFA hopes that these Stakeholder events, along with outreach efforts from lenders and local leaders, will help HARP-eligible homeowners refinance into a lower interest rate or shorter term mortgage and save money.

 P.S.  Please check out the “highlights” video of the HARP Atlanta event on FHFA’s YouTube Channel.  If you select close captioning (CC) while viewing the video, you will also be able to read the transcript.  Enjoy!


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